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< Back to news 27 March, 2013

Beacon's design for life

Whether it’s contemporary, classic, Edwardian or eclectic, Beacon has a design for the life of any business.

Whether it’s contemporary, classic, Edwardian or eclectic, Beacon has a design for the life of any business.

Our new design and consultancy services, headed up by Rachel Carr, are already being sought after by customers of all shapes and sizes, who are benefiting from a bold new approach to their daily operations.

The former Director of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment for Hilton Hotels, has a vast experience in the area and said that a huge demand for this nature of support underlined why it was so important for Beacon to extend its range of services.
She said: “There are never two jobs the same and the service we provide is so varied. Ultimately, each job comes down to balancing our design concepts with the budget of each customer. We are finding that businesses want a five star property in look and feel, with a three star cost associated with that look. We can assist and tailor our services to meet their needs.”

Rachel said that her team would work as a complete partner for every business they come into contact with, from bespoke projects to enhance commercial performance, right through to extensive brand redevelopments.

  “It really depends what the brief is,” added Rachel. “It is not just about the branding per se, but about the concept that lies beneath. Maybe a hotel wants to define itself as being the best destination for a good night’s sleep. Another might want to be known for its fine dining. A pub or bar might want to portray a contemporary image, whilst a nursing home might want to radiate the warmth of a traditional homely atmosphere.  We will build upon these brand pillars and work towards an endearing solution, while working closely with that customer throughout the entire process – whatever the industry.”

Rachel is now overseeing the formation of bespoke lighting, kitchen and architectural services, as demand continues to grow. “It is about being as open and flexible as possible and providing a tailored solution to each and every customer that requires support.”

For more information about how your business could benefit from Beacon's design services please contact