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< Back to news 03 January, 2009

Restaurateurs unsure over rights

Almost one third of restaurant operators are unsure of what their rights are when dealing with alward customers, according to research from purchasing consortium Beacon
Nearly half of hospitality businesses surveyed think the level of complaints is increasing. One in ten said that customers refusing to pay for food, drinks or accommodation has become an increasing problem.

The British consumer is increasingly becoming less afraid of `making a scene`.

To tackle the problem, managers should take down the names and addresses of the complaints and fill in a small claims track form to claim the money back.

But despite customers becoming more vocal, 65% of business believe that standards of service in the industry are getting better.

Diane Webster, head of sales and marketing at Beacon, said: "The perception of the British shying away from making a scene and accepting poor standards of service seems to be changing."

She added: "it is essential that business-owners and mangers know where they stand and what their rights are, in the same way that customers are beginning to."