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< Back to news 03 January, 2009

Phone System ‘Hacking’ Fraud

Beacon Telecom have recently been made aware of unscrupulous internet-based call bureaus dialling businesses out of hours
The customer is greeted by an outgoing message, the caller then instructs the system to dial an outside line, once actioned international calls are then routed via the customer’s switchboard after hours and at weekends. One affected customer’s call charges grew from a £500 average to £25,000 month on month. Beacon Telecom are being proactive in producing a bi-daily report to flag customers who’s spend rises dramatically, however all members need to be vigilant for this erroneous practice as you will be liable for these call charges. If you believe you have been affected please follow these steps:

·Notify the police immediately, this ‘hacking’ is a fraud.
·Request your service provider to put international call-barring on your lines.
·Contact your maintenance provider to reprogram your system.
·Review your insurance, criminal activity may be covered and may provide redress.