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< Back to news 03 January, 2009

Freshen up your mini bar

These days we`re keen to plump for the healthy option wherever we can, and hoteliers are eager to offer their customers a more nutritious alternative to the crisps, chocolate and alcohol found in your

beacon, the purchasing specialists for the UK`s indepent hospitality industry, has taken up the mantle and is helping their members to keep ahead of the competition by offering a range of fresh and ambient dried fruit packs.

This range of fresh fruit packs, supplied by Brakes, provides the perfect ready to serve, healthy snacks for your mini bar. They are individually packed in sealed bags to retain freshness and there`s a wide range of fruits to choose from, including Mango, Pineapple and Grapes, amongst others. And of course, they also provide one of your five a day.

Brakes also provide a range of ambient dried fruit packs, providing the ideal accompaniment to the fresh fruit option. This range includes tropical mix, Ocean Spray dried cranberries and cranberries with tropical fruit.

So together, beacon and Brakes are offering their customers a truly wholesome alternative for their mini bars.