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< Back to news 03 January, 2009

Foot and Mouth Outbreak

Foot and Mouth outbreak affects supplies of UK lamb and beef.
Following the recent confirmed Foot & Mouth outbreak in Surrey last Friday, the Government body DEFRA have acted swiftly to contain the outbreak. This includes a culling of livestock in the immediate exclusion zone and banning the movement of cattle and sheep nationally.

We have been notified by our suppliers that the supplies of UK lamb and beef will be affected.

There is no slaughtering of animals taking place as of now and by the end of this week, the majority of UK stocks will be depleted and/or in short supply.

There is a further meeting taking place tomorrow evening with the Prime Minister and DEFRA officials, where a further announcement is expected.

Until this announcement, we can only hope that the position remains stable with no further outbreaks reported.

We will endeveaour to keep our members informed of any further updates or announcments.

At this stage the supply of UK poultry is not affected.